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Bethesda Home has been providing care to seniors since 1972, we provide
skilled nursing, assisted and independent living services.

Our staff goes the extra mile in taking care of all our residents. We care about them. We talk to them. We hug them. In fact, we know them so well, we can tell if they are not their usual self and will assess them on the spot to make sure they are fine. We have trained and trusted certified nursing assistants and licensed nurses who know their residents and provide personal care. Bethesda Home provides a quiet environment so our residents and family members can relax. We also provide adequate staffing to meet the needs of our residents.

We move quickly to address resident concerns. Should families have any concerns, they have access to the administrator and director of nursing services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via email. Any concerns received by email are usually addressed on the day they are received, including weekends.

24/7 Assistance


Bethesda exists to show the love of Christ by serving the elderly with quality and compassionate care that nurtures their spiritual, physical and emotional needs with dignity and respect.


Bethesda will be a Christ-centered community, in partnership with Bay Area Biblically-based Brethren assemblies* and like-minded Christian believers for mutual benefit and edification, that meets the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the elderly.

*churches that are variously identified as Plymouth Brethren churches, or otherwise New Testament patterned assemblies.


Continuum of Care sounds like a new idea and everyone is talking about it these days in elder care.  Here at Bethesda Home, we have been practicing this idea for 50 years.  Continuum of Care was the vision of the founders of Bethesda Home.  Dr. and Mrs. A. Noble Da Shiell saw the need for the elderly population to have a place to downsize and continue to live at the same place as their physical needs changed.  This meant there would need to be independent housing, assisted/ambulatory housing, and skilled nursing care at one location.

Bethesda Home began in 1964, when Dr. and Mrs. Da Shiell purchased an apartment building on Peralta Street that was close to his medical practice on the corner of A and Montgomery Street, in Hayward.  This building was remodeled and used to care for about 20 residents.  This facility included independent apartments upstairs and ambulatory/assisted care rooms downstairs.

After a few years of caring for the elderly, Dr. and Mrs. Da Shiell began to see a need for more than the independent and assisted living levels of care.  Married couples were being separated when one needed skilled nursing care and the other did not need the higher level of care yet.  In 1971, an additional of property was purchased next to the office of Dr. Da Shiell with the vision of building a skilled nursing facility adjacent to the ambulatory care building.  To facilitate this goal, a California non-profit corporation was established in 1971 under the name “Christian Retirement Center of Northern California”.  This new name was thought to be broader and more inclusive of the vision to provide a complete continuum of care to the aging residents.  No longer would they need to be separated for one of them to have skilled nursing care, as both levels of care would be available at Bethesda.

As time went on, the corporation has purchased many single family homes adjacent to the ambulatory and skilled nursing facility and converted them to independent living “homes” for the elderly to begin their journey through the levels of care at Bethesda. This provided for all levels of care at Bethesda.  The continuum of care was complete.